PC member Al-Koni receives phone call from US senior official

PC member Al-Koni receives phone call from US senior official

August 14, 2021 - 12:17
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Member of the Presidential Council (PC) Moussa Al-Koni received a phone call on Friday from US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs Joy Hood to discuss the evolving political and security landscape in Libya and the Libyan-American ties.

The PC media office said in a statement Friday that the conversation touched upon a range of issues, including the US position on the situation in Libya besides the security situation, the electoral process, the unification of the military institution, and national reconciliation.

The US official reiterated Washington's support for the PC's efforts and commended its commitment to ensuring the planned elections are held on schedule in a stable and secure environment that guarantees the meaningful participation of all Libyans.

For his part, Al-Koni expressed appreciation for the US support to the Libyan government, as the country "returns to its natural place in the international community," indicating that it would be a stable and effective democratic state that contributes to establishing international security and peace while combating terrorism in its regional environment.