Parliament members lash out at UN mission for meddling in Libya’s internal affairs

Parliament members lash out at UN mission for meddling in Libya’s internal affairs

April 17, 2018 - 22:49
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A number of members of the House of Representatives have criticized the role played by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, describing it as “a blatant interference in the Libyan affairs.”

67 members explained in a statement issued Monday that “it has become clear that some international parties are tampering with the Libyan file through irresponsible actions aimed at putting a stick in the wheel and hampering the ongoing efforts to settle the differences between the rival parties and the unification of the military, security, and other service institutions.”

The MPs expressed their concern that the UN mission in Libya might be a tool for those international parties to achieve what they aspire to, as they put it.

"We are following with great concern the statements made by the UN envoy - Ghassan Salame - on the situation in Libya, which have become mostly a blatant interference in the affairs of the Libyans," the statement reads, accusing the UN mission of exceeding its task, which is to promote a national dialogue and initiate the constitution-making and the electoral process.

The members of the HoR said that all statements issued by the UN mission or its chief are pushing towards a fourth transition phase that is not based on the permanent constitution of the country, insisting that “it is totally unacceptable and not welcome, especially that history proves that the continuity and multiplicity of the transitional stages will only bring catastrophe and destruction to the states which are under transition.”

The members concluded by expressing their surprise that the UN mission is not in favour of holding elections on the basis of the country's permanent system, although the procedures required are the same or even easier as it would not require a new constitutional amendment, according to the statement.