New dialogue draft released

New dialogue draft released

September 13, 2015 - 23:07
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

GNC dialogue team

The chief of UN Mission in Libya Bernardino Leon distributed Sunday an amended draft to the Libyan parties taking part in Skhirat dialogue round.

According to press reports, the UNSMIL added six new articles to the political draft requested by the GNC delegation. The draft, which was unilaterally signed by Tobruk parliament in July, contained 69 articles.

The new draft includes all the GNC's amendments on the draft regarding the formation of the Supreme State Council and the occupation of Military positions.

Regarding the State Council, the GNC demanded that the members of the council should be composed of the members of General National Congress who have true membership on the draft-signing date through a verified GNC list of members.

According to the new draft, all military positions would be vacant right after the final draft signing. The Unity Government, as Chief Commander of the Army, would name incumbents for the vacant military positions in 30 days. If failed, the government should rename the incumbents during the next 30 days.

Both dialogue delegations will return home tonight to review the new draft with their colleagues. They are expected to fly back to Skhirat, Morocco after two days to discuss nominees for the Unity Government and prepare for the final signing if the draft was approved by both parliaments.