Misurata declares state of general mobilization to end Haftar's aggression

Misurata declares state of general mobilization to end Haftar's aggression

December 16, 2019 - 11:26
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The municipal and military councils and elders of Misurata declared Sunday the state of general mobilization of forces to put an end to Haftar's aggression on Tripoli.

"We call on the Presidential Council to use every means possible and marshal all state sectors for this purpose," a joint statement by the councils reads.

Misurata's representatives emphasized that the city is ready to place all its weight behind the government for this decisive battle.

"Misurata is ready to fight this battle to rid this country of tyranny, to uphold the will of the people, to deal with these malicious acts, and to free the country from hegemony," the statement added.

They explained that what they described as "the forces of oppression" had forced them to take this battle. They disclosed the formation of an operation room that will be put in full service to mobilize all capabilities for this battle.

The operation room will constitute of representatives of the municipal council, security and military institutions, elders’ council, and civil society organizations, in addition to businessmen and media, according to the statement.

They also called on all Libyan cities to strike an attitude on the nation's battle against the aggressor forces, which targets the freedom of Libyans and jeopardizes their security and peace, condemning what they described "the brutal aggression against Tripoli" and vowing to provide unlimited support to this battle, according to the statement.