Misrata city accuses Libya's Presidential Council of negligence as fighting rages on

Misrata city accuses Libya's Presidential Council of negligence as fighting rages on

March 29, 2020 - 20:44
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Misrata Emergency Room has blamed the Presidential Council for taking no serious measures to cut ties with the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as any other country backing up the aggression on Tripoli.

"We find negligence toward supporting frontlines and forces by the Presidential Council bewildering amid the sacrifices of our sons." Misrata Emergency Room said in a statement on Sunday.

It also held the international community accountable for protecting civilians and halting the aggression, urging the UNSMIL to change its neutral stance and saying that "the evil axis" of UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are still supporting putschist Khalifa Haftar against the legitimate Government of National Accord (GNA) and they are partners in the crimes of killing Libyans.

Meanwhile, heavy fighting has been ongoing on different frontlines, especially Al-Wishka in eastern Misrata, for over five days between forces of the GNA and Haftar.

GNA forces started attacks on most frontlines, except for Al-Khallatat frontline, where Haftar's forces started first, according to sources from Volcano of Rage Operation, who said GNA forces advanced on Ramla and Twaisha frontlines near Tripoli International Airport as well as Salah Al-Deen, which the sources described as the toughest frontline since there were Wagner Group mercenaries in there fighting with Haftar's forces.

On Al-Wishka frontline, GNA and Haftar's forces are still fighting with heavy artillery and airstrikes as GNA forces managed to target a whole brigade and destroy their main operations room, killing eight senior leaders, including Major General Salim Deryaq.