Maltese Ambassador Saliba commends Libya’s Coast Guard

Maltese Ambassador Saliba commends Libya’s Coast Guard

June 26, 2020 - 00:06
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Maltese Ambassador for Libya Charles Saliba

The Maltese Ambassador to Libya, Charles Saliba, has expressed his appreciation for the hard work conducted by the Libyan Coast Guard in saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ambassador Saliba extended thanks for all sailors on board the patrol boats of the Libyan Coast Guard who are risking their lives to save others.

The Maltese Ambassador’s statement came following the state visit of the Maltese Prime Minister to Libya.

“The two countries are cooperating to break the chain of the smuggling activity and at the same time save lives and avoid tragedies in the Mediterranean waters.” He said.

The Ambassador stated that top of the Maltese agenda is the stability of Libya, adding that Malta has a strategic position which can contribute to the stability of Libya.

He urged all countries to be responsible and respect the arms embargo.

“Libya for the Libyans, states our Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo and we will continue to assist even with our limited resources until finally Libyans will have what they deserve, concluded Ambassador Saliba.