Libya's Presidential Council condemns Haftar forces' targeting of airports

Libya's Presidential Council condemns Haftar forces' targeting of airports

August 17, 2019 - 19:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Presidential Council has condemned the airstrikes on western region's airports by Khalifa Haftar's forces causing massive damage to both Mitiga Airport and Zuwara Airport and leaving civilians panicking whether inside the airports or nearby.

In a statement on Friday, the Presidential Council said "such terrorist acts by Haftar's militias aim to destabilize Tripoli."

The Presidential Council also expressed bewilderment about the silence of the UNSMIL and the international community toward the violations committed by Haftar's forces.

The statement explained that Libyans had not seen seriousness by the UNSMIL and Security Council in protecting civilians and state as well as private institutions and properties against the attacks of Haftar's forces, which are backed by foreign countries.

"The UNSMIL should live up to its commitments and start naming things as they happen. It should lose the passive stance since the attackers have admitted to striking Zuwara Airport. The attackers continue to violate international laws and commit war crimes." The statement reads.

The Presidential Council said the UNSMIL is responsible for the safety of all civilians as any attacks on them is a violation of all international laws.