Libyan representative at Arab League: Haftar's supporters changed tone after his forces' defeat

Libyan representative at Arab League: Haftar's supporters changed tone after his forces' defeat

June 23, 2020 - 20:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libya's Ambassador to the Arab League, Saleh Al-Shamakh

The Libyan representative at the Arab League Saleh Al-Shamakhi said the countries supporting Khalifa Haftar had changed tone after his forces' defeat in Tripoli, saying they started calling for political dialogue after years of hindering peace and ceasefire efforts in the country.

In a speech at the emergency ministerial meeting of the Arab League on Tuesday, the representative added that Libyan Army forces defeated Haftar's forces after his country supporters gave him logistical support, and soldiers of fortune, including Russian Wagner Group mercenaries and others.

"Haftar's supporters now call for dialogue but they should now be at international courts as Libya will start holding them accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity." Al-Shamakhi added, saying - in reference to El Sisi - those who speak of a red line should know that all of Libya is a red line drawn by the blood of martyrs.

He also said that those who propose initiatives for peace in Libya should be neutral to all parties of the conflict and should not use statements that resemble a declaration of war against the legitimate government in the country.

The Arab League meeting was held Tuesday after being pushed down Sunday for the objection of the Libyan Foreign Ministry that said it wasn't given prior coordination with the bloc being the country concerned with the meeting's agenda, saying it has the right to appeal any of fear meeting's outcomes.

The Foreign Ministry also decreased the diplomatic representation at the Arab League meeting due to the double standards system of the bloc, saying it didn't even convene any meetings since April 2019 as per Libya's calls.


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