Libyan Red Crescent retrieves over 70 corpses from Sirte in ten days

Libyan Red Crescent retrieves over 70 corpses from Sirte in ten days

February 12, 2017 - 19:24
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Crisis Committee at the Misrata office of Libya’s Red Crescent (LRC), Salah Buzariba, said the LRC volunteers retrieved over 70 bodies from Sirte in the last ten days, confirming that 65 of them were for IS militants, who were air attacked by the US warplanes on January 19 in southern Sirte.

Buzariba told the press that the Libyan Red Crescent volunteers are retrieving bodies from Sirte constantly, urging the international organizations to provide technical assistance to the volunteers, who are putting forth significant efforts with little capabilities.

“Some residents who came back to their houses in Sirte are urging the LRC teams to recover the bodies that are buried in their backyards or farms; however, we have told them that the priority for us is to retrieve the bodies in the open air, as they are more dangerous to the environment.” Buzariba indicated.

He remarked that after finishing the open-air areas, the LRC volunteers will retrieve the bodies from people’s properties.

The LRC volunteers retrieved hundreds of corpses of IS militants from under the rubble and from the open air after Sirte had been liberated from the terror group.

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