Libyan prime minister says Haftar’s new zero hour attack is “delusion”

Libyan prime minister says Haftar’s new zero hour attack is “delusion”

December 14, 2019 - 11:47
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Chairman of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj has told Libyans not to believe the lies of the “delusionals”, in reference to warlord Haftar, underlining "the revolutionaries will defeat the mercenaries and the invaders of Tripoli".

His remarks came just hours after Khalifa Haftar announced a new zero hour attack on Tripoli.

In a speech on Friday, Al-Sarraj said "There is no zero hour, no new attack, no control of Tripoli, the zero hour only exists in Haftar's delusional fantasies".

"As Libyans stood before to defend their country and its capital, they will do it again," Sarraj added, stressing there will be no other project in Libya than the civil state project.

He said that the Libyan army forces and the 17 February revolutionaries are repelling the aggression and have taught the invaders, mercenaries and the putschists hard lessons.

"I call on external actors who are fueling the war to leave the Libyans alone, and if anyone is to interfere it should be to bring about peace and stability in Libya, do not dream of making Libya a base to execute your plans," he added.

Al-Sarraj said that Haftar waged this war backed by his external allies to try restoring the rule of the individual.

He recalled the events last April when the Libyans were preparing for an upcoming meeting in Ghadamis city to end the crisis in the country.

"Khalifa Haftar mobilized his forces and attacked Tripoli upon false claims of what he said was "cleansing the country of terrorism", while terrorism only existed in his imagination," Sarraj said.

He mentioned the rights guaranteed to the Libyans by the 17 February Revolution, among them were to build the homeland and maintain its stability.

Haftar announced Thursday evening the launch of what he said was the "crucial battle" to take over Tripoli.


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