Libyan ministers respond to international reports on immigrants' abuse

Libyan ministers respond to international reports on immigrants' abuse

February 20, 2020 - 22:17
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A tripartite meeting for the Libyan Interior, Foreign and Justice Ministers responded Thursday to the international reports that tackled abuse against illegal immigrants.

In a joint meeting, Fathi Bashagha, Mohammed Sayala and Emhemed Abdelwahid said the hurdles the illegal immigrants go through "should be tackled objectively and in a civilized way".

"Those ideological media outlets that are shedding tears on the status of the illegal immigrants are using the immigrants for political agenda and thus they should pressure their governments to devise plans to curb migration flows by investments and work opportunities in Africa to allow the immigrants lead a normal life.” The ministers stated.

Meanwhile, a statement by the Interior Ministry said illegal immigration needs national plans as Libya has been exhausted financially, politically and administratively by it over the years, calling for ending the use of this issue in political, social and economic agenda by different countries.

The Government of National Accord came under bitter criticism for alleged abuse and violations against illegal immigrants in detention centres across areas under its control to the extent that Italian NGOs called on the government not to renew MoU with Libya for "arbitrary detention and abuse against immigrants"