Libyan families file lawsuit against Haftar, UAE in the US

Libyan families file lawsuit against Haftar, UAE in the US

February 11, 2020 - 21:24
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libyan families, which lost relatives in the war waged by Khalifa Haftar and his backers on Tripoli, lodged a lawsuit at the US District Court in Washington DC against Khalifa Haftar and the UAE for war crimes and violations of human rights.

Transnational Business Attorneys Group law firm issued a statement for the six Libyan families saying they wanted to bring to light the violations of human rights, torture and killings done by Haftar's forces and his allies, especially the UAE.

The Libyan families wanted one billion dollars as a compensation out of the lawsuit, the law firm said.

"Haftar encouraged and took part in crimes, especially torture ones, which constitute war crimes and violation of all international and UN as well as US laws and legislations. The UAE is also under trial at the court for its funding and arming of Haftar's forces, which makes it an accomplice of the crimes in Libya." The statement reads.

Haftar was also summoned for a lawsuit in a US court on November 17, when a Libyan-American human body accused him of terrorism and killing in indiscriminate shelling on Tripoli's civilian neighborhoods.

On November 20, a Virginia court requested Haftar to stand trial in 21 days in order to respond to the charges out against him as an American citizen, adding that it had to sentence him in absentia if he didn't show up at court.