Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet takes a swing at Al-Sirraj and Haftar

Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet takes a swing at Al-Sirraj and Haftar

September 06, 2017 - 22:06
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Former nominee for Prime Minister of Libya, Basit Igtet, has lashed out at both the Head of the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government, Fayez Al-Sirraj, and the commander of Dignity Operation militias in eastern Libya, Khalia Haftar.

Igtet said in a video posted on his official Facebook page that both Haftar and Al-Sirraj had been the major reason for the current calamitous crisis in the country.

"You both are the reason why thousands of Libyans are killed, displaced, and starving." He remarked.

He also lashed out at Al-Sirraj's August 22nd statement when he met with pro-Presidential Council military officials and announced that the lifting of ban on weapons by the UN is imminent, adding that such a statement by Al-Sirraj is a bad news as he was brought by the UN to "help Libyans build their country not to bring more weapons to destroy it."

"Haftar has caused Libyan eastern banks several losses, leading to shortages of cash and economic crisis in the country after he withdrew about 20 billion to fund his Dignity Operation, which eventually killed 15000 persons from Cyrenaica region alone." Igtet added.

He also accused Haftar of changing his tone lately as he started to use the term "moderate Muslim Brotherhood" after he used to slam them as terrorists since the kickoff of his Dignity Operation.

"Haftar could come out later and say there moderate IS terrorists and there extreme ones." He added.

The Libyan Zurich-based entrepreneur urged Al-Sirraj and Haftar to extend an apology to the Libyan people before they oust them and parade them in caskets.

He renewed his call on Libyans across the country to take to Martyrs Square in Tripoli on September 25 to support him to grip power, fix the current deteriorated living conditions and get Libyan out of its crisis.