Libyan eastern forces's MI35M drops bombs on west Derna as troops prepare to land-attack the city

Libyan eastern forces's MI35M drops bombs on west Derna as troops prepare to land-attack the city

July 11, 2017 - 23:06
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

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An MI35M helicopter air-attacked Monday the western entrance of Derna, randomly targeting different positions using machine guns and rockets.

Dignity Operation's Al-Mukhtar Operations Room said the air force's warplanes from Labreg airbase targeted several locations in Derna, destroying a number of arms and ammo depots.

"Air force will keep its offensives working until land troops kick off the military campaign inside Derna." Al-Mukhtar Operations Room remarked.

Meanwhile, the media official at Derna Shura Council, Mohammed Al-Mansouri, said Dignity Operation's airstrikes caused no damage in the city - neither material nor human - accusing Haftar's forces of targeting the newly opened entertainment facilities in western Derna in order to terrify civilians.

Dignity Operation forces also evacuated houses and farms for residents in Karsa coastline in western Derna, warning them of staying in that area.

Dignity Operation forces also vowed to punish those who reject these orders after a group of residents refused to leave their houses as they saw some properties being robbed by the forces when the houses were evacuated.

"All forces are ready for the attack on Derna in order to free it from terrorist groups." Al-Mukhtar Operations Room's Commander, Abdelsalam Al-Hassi indicated.

The room said earlier that it had formed a joint chamber for all military brigades and forces in order to comb through southern areas in Derna, where they have full control.

In the meantime, military backup along with ammunition and arms arrived on the fringes of Derna city, while many brigades arrived in Karsa frontline as well as Daher Al-Hamar in western Derna.

Dignity Operation has been besieging Derna for over a year now disallowing cash, cooking gas, fuel, medicines and other basic needs from entering the city, in addition to arresting residents based on IDs by Al-Mukhtar Operations Room's checkpoints.