Libyan eastern air force air-attacks Derna suburbs for second day in a row

Libyan eastern air force air-attacks Derna suburbs for second day in a row

July 22, 2017 - 23:45
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

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Dignity Operation MiG23 warplanes conducted an airstrike on Hajaj heights district on the east coast of Derna in eastern Libya.

The airstrike led to material damage in people's properties as the bombs hit an area nearby residential areas. No casualties were reported, local sources from Derna said.

A delegation from the High Council of National Reconciliation announced that it had delayed a visit to Derna after Haftar told them to do so to leave a space for holding a meeting between Dignity Operation and Derna Shura Council to review the conditions for a truce.

However, later after that, the delegation was assaulted by pro-Haftar armed group as they were in an Al-Bayda hotel, which obliged the delegates to leave to Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of Derna Shura Council, Mohammed Al-Mansouri, denied the news circulated on media outlets about the communication between them and pro-Dignity Operation military and political parties in order to disband the council and surrender its fighters and their weapons.

"That news is untrue and is being promoted by proDignity Operation parties for different intentions." Al-Mansouri remarked.

Earlier, the House of Representatives' member, Khairallah Al-Turkawi, said Derna Shura Council fighters have collapsed and are willing to surrender themselves and their weapons to Dignity Operation, which has been laying a tightened siege on the city for about two years.