Libyan Deputy Defense Minister says GNA forces advancing on Sirte 

Libyan Deputy Defense Minister says GNA forces advancing on Sirte 

June 25, 2020 - 20:19
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Deputy Defense Minister Saleh Al-Namroush said the forces under the command of Government of National Accord (GNA) have no red lines for their advance on Sirte to liberated it from Khalifa Haftar's forces and mercenaries. 

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Wednesday, Al-Namroush underlined that Turkey "is a big country and a strategic ally of the Libyan GNA," adding that Turkey is in coordination with the US in Libya.

"Turkey sent military experts to Libya to assist in the organization of its military forces. Libya expects Turkey to support it in the establishment of a professional Libyan army." Al-Namroush said.

"GNA forces are now preparing to enter Sirte and there was no delay, rather, there was just a time for preparedness. Everyone should know that entering Tarhouna wasn't quick and we did it after besieging the city for weeks. Now, Volcano of Rage Operation forces have the experience in fighting despite the fact that Haftar's forces have Russian Wagner Group mercenaries on their side." He added.

Al-Namroush told Anadolu Agency that Washington took action on the Libya issue after foreign intervention in the country’s internal affairs became evident, adding that the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and NATO confirmed that Jufra airbase, which was captured in 2017 by Haftar's forces loyal, is accommodating Russian-made aircraft. 

"The 5+5 military talks are made by a technical team from each party for security and military negotiations. We don't sit on the same table with Haftar. We are trying to reach a peaceful and political solution but the aggressor hasn't been committed to the previous agreements. We are now working on both military and political tracks." He explained, saying all countries are welcome to contribute, not intervene, in Libya for a peaceful solution, including Egypt on the condition that none of them undermines Libya's sovereignty. 

He also slammed the UAE for its continuous support for Haftar, referring to the leaked videos of Emirati officers working on Russian Pantsir-S1 Anti-Aircraft systems, sent by Abu Dhabi, with Haftar's forces.