Libyan capital's fragile security tested as bloody clashes rage on

Libyan capital's fragile security tested as bloody clashes rage on

August 29, 2018 - 22:03
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has condemned the escalation of violence in Tripoli for the third day in a row and called in a statement for an immediate ceasefire on all fronts.

"The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) in Libya, Dr. Ghassan Salame, has reached out to the concerned Libyan parties to immediately cease all hostilities, resume ceasefire talks and find longer term solutions to ensure the safety and security of the capital, its institutions and its residents." UNSMIL's statement explains.

According to the UNSMIL, Salame also was in contact with UN Security Council members, as well as regional and international actors with influence on Libyan parties to push for calm, call for the end the military mobilization and come to the negotiating table.

An hours-long ceasefire put to calm the violence clashes on Tuesday as seventh brigade infantry and Tripoli brigades reached Okayed a truce.

Eyewitnesses said the two warring sides have returned to fighting and started mobilizing fighters and vehicles in areas in southern Tripoli.

Of additional impact was the appearance of a leader of Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) Operation Salah Badi on Tuesday saying he had joined the clashes commanding a force headed to Tripoli "to end humiliation of Tripoli's residents."

"Libya has become a foreign agenda war scene driven by traitors and agents of those countries and the Libyan youths. We will take revenge for Tripoli mothers who have been humiliated at the doors of banks due to the corrupted people." Badi said in a video last night.

With the joining of Badi's Al-Sumood brigade, they seized Naqliya camp and Airport Road before they had withdrawn and Brigade 301 of the Presidential Council seized it.

It is not clear who is in control of those locations now.

Meanwhile, the Air Force of the Presidential Council's government allegedly carried an air attack on locations and depots for the seventh brigade in Tarhouna, whose residents were angry enough to take to the streets deploring the airstrike and accusing Al-Sirraj and his government of treason.

The seventh brigade was also defeated in Yarmouk camp in Tripoli and reports said the brigade pulled out away from Qaser Bengashir district southward as Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade advanced in that area, before seventh brigade made a comeback and regain control on all these locations.

Currently, the capital's southern districts are still the battlefield for hit-and-run clashes with eyes remaining wide open for what would happen on both the field and official levels to end such hindrance to whatever hopes Libyans have for an upcoming election.