Libyan army forces launch full-scale attack on Haftar's militias

Libyan army forces launch full-scale attack on Haftar's militias

March 29, 2020 - 11:33
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Spokesman of the Libyan Army, Colonel Mohammad Qanunu

The Libyan Air Force has conducted several airstrikes in the Al-Wishka axis east of Misurata, one of which targeted a major operations room for Haftar militias, Libyan army spokesman, Brigadier Mohamed Gunounu confirmed yesterday.

Gunounu added that one of Haftar's senior commanders, identified to be, Salem Drayaq and his assistant, Gaddafi Al-Sadai were killed along with the other 8 fighters in the airstrike.

In a press briefing on Saturday evening, Gunounu disclosed another operation against Haftars' militias. "Our forces carried out a precision strike targeting a gathering of African mercenaries, three armed vehicles, and an ammunition truck," Libyan army spokesman added.

The army forces also hit a building in Qasr Bin Ghashir area south of Tripoli reported to being occupied by Russian mercenaries.

The Russians were responsible for the recent attacks on several neighbourhoods in Tripoli, according to Gunuounu.

The Ramla axis near Tripoli airport also witnessed intense clashes yesterday, after the army forces launched an attack on Haftar's militias near Qasr Bin Ghashir Bridge, inflicting heavy casualties on the aggressors and forcing them to retreat.