Libyan Air Force strikes Haftar's positions as calm prevails on Tripoli frontlines

Libyan Air Force strikes Haftar's positions as calm prevails on Tripoli frontlines

June 08, 2019 - 22:39
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Army's Volcano of Rage Operation said its warplanes carried out airstrikes on Khalifa Haftar's forces in Al-Hira and Bushiba in northern Gharyan to cut off Haftar's forces supply line from the city, let alone the airstrikes on Qasir Benghashir and around Tripoli International Airport.

Haftar's forces tried to advance on Saturday on Ramla and Tripoli International Airport frontlines under drones' cover of Haftar's forces, but they were held back by heavy artillery shelling by Libyan Army forces.

Meanwhile, fighting axes have seen relative calm in what appears preparations for an all-out battle in the coming days since many Volcano of Rage Operation's officials have said there is a decisive battle that is being finalized to terminate Haftar's forces presence around Tripoli.

On the contrary, Haftar's forces have reaffirmed that they have been advancing remarkably on all fighting axes in southern Tripoli and will enter Tripoli's downtown neighborhoods in days.

In the meantime, social media platforms reported that Haftar had sacked the chief commander of his operations room for Tripoli offensive, Abdelsalam Al-Hassi, replacing him with Ahmed Salim.

The Libya Observer could not verify the news of Al-Hassi's sacking, yet activists say if true, the incident came to respond to Al-Hassi's failure in advancing on Tripoli, which is contrary to the media outlets loyal to Haftar that are saying they are approaching victory.


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