Libya’s eastern Abidat tribe rejects calls for separation

Libya’s eastern Abidat tribe rejects calls for separation

March 04, 2018 - 14:42
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A group from the Abidat tribe in the eastern region has rejected the calls for separation, describing those behind the calls as mere advertisers who are unaware of the consequences of such acts that would push the country to the unknown.

In a statement, the group said that "the indigenous Arab Abidat tribe that boasts of having a long list of martyrs, which marked the glorious history of the homeland, and which had the honour to write the Harabi treaty that was a key to the founding of the State, declares its innocence of every call to divide the country."

All those who raise the slogan of separation are hostile to Libya and its people, which we spared no blood in defending it," the tribe noted.

It added that “we will not compromise the homeland for a handful of money or gains for any weak-spirited persons who tend to use some legitimate demands that we fully understand and recognize, to divide the country."

The tribe concluded with a message of affection, love and respect to all components of the Libyan nation, calling on everyone to raise their voice and take action to prevent the country from being divided.

"We in front of God and history declare our innocence of all who seeks to bring to Libya and its people any harm." Read the statement.

Last week, separatists in east Libya, joined by Tobruk parliament hardliners, held a symbolic vote on separation from the country because of what they claimed “marginalization and dedicating Libya’s wealth to the western region.”