Libya’s Brega oil and gas company receives threats after sacking Al-Hijirsi

Libya’s Brega oil and gas company receives threats after sacking Al-Hijirsi

August 15, 2018 - 19:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The board of directors of National Oil Corporation (NOC) has condemned the threats posed by armed groups in Tripoli to CEO of Brega oil and gas company Emad Bin Kora so he can be coerced into reconsidering the decision of firing fuel and gas distribution office headed by Milad Al-Hijirsi.

NOC said in a statement Tuesday that Al-Hijirsi was placed under investigation, adding that he launched a fake Facebook page using the name of fuel and gas crisis committee and the logo of Brega company illegally.

“The committee is working as a media platform to hide behind fuel smuggling gangs. It has always stolen the efforts of others in anti-smuggling work by posting fake news through its fake page on Facebook. We have lodged a complaint at the Attorney General’s Office.” The statement reads.

“Al-Hijirsi was appointed by Salvation Government in May 2015 to follow up on the work of filling stations in Tripoli. There is not official order to form the crisis committee.” The statement added.

The NOC said there are several official committees working on anti-smuggling operations and presenting the evidence they gather to the Attorney General, UN and the international community, yet the fake crisis committee has never provided any data, evidence, or reports for the above entities.

Meanwhile, another NOC statement said militias were seen positioned in Aziziya area disallowing fuel tank trucks from going on the road to western mountain cities, explaining that they aim to create a fuel shortage as part of a media campaign and allegations led by Al-Hijirsi.

“This aims at tricking Libyans into believing that the presence of Al-Hijirsi as the head of the fuel and gas crisis committee will be the only guarantee that fuel and gas will reach them. 
We informed authorities of the issue and will respond effectively to it.” The statement adds.

Reactions varies on social media with some saying Al-Hijirsi is a patriot, accusing those who fired him of succumbing to smuggling mafia’s pressure, while others saying he was an imposter and did nothing to the people but for his own benefit.