Lavrov: Libya's crisis needs nationwide "patriotic solution"

Lavrov: Libya's crisis needs nationwide "patriotic solution"

December 12, 2017 - 23:10
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A new round of Libyan talks will commence next week, Russia announced Tuesday as its Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his Libyan counterpart Mohammad Sayala that his country backs up holding a national dialogue conference to end Libya's limbo.

Lavrov added in the joint presser in Moscow that the national dialogue is paramount for the country's way out of the crisis.

"We always say when, what if, how and so on, I am sure that all we need is to see the LPA's amendments taking effect and the action plan of the Head of the UNSMIL implemented. I think all Libyans will be invited to take part in the dialogue." Lavrov said.

He also explained that Russia has kept the same distance towards all Libyan parties and communicated with all Libyan political and tribal parties to help solve the crisis.

"We would cooperate with a free and sovereign Libya after all the challenges and insecurities have gone away as the situation becomes stable in Libya." The Russian FM remarked.

Sayala, however; explained that the LPA talks should bring out success and should lead to the upcoming presidential elections so the political stalemate can end in Libya.

"I hail the efforts of Ghassan Salame and I hope that his work under the auspices of the UN will lead eventually to a transitional phase that establishes state institutions and be the cornerstone of setting g off presidential and parliamentary elections as well as a new constitution." Sayala indicated.

"We have agreed to renew economic and business cooperation with Libya in 2018, so we plan to send a delegation of Russian businesspersons to Libya as a starter." Lavrov announced.

He also touched upon the arrest of Russian sailors in Libya, saying Sayala had promised the case of detaining the Russian vessel by Libyan coastguards will soon be resolved.

Libyan authorities released all of the crew members except the captain and chief captain assistant, however the Russian FM said the issue will soon be over.