Kobler returns empty-handed from Shahat meeting

Kobler returns empty-handed from Shahat meeting

January 18, 2016 - 11:38
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler visited on Sunday the eastern city of Shahat to urge opponents of Skhirat agreement to accept Sirraj government.

Kobler held a closed-door meeting with Tobruk Parliament speaker Aqailah Saleh in a bid to push the government announcement process ahead.

Following the meeting, Kobler said in a press conference that Aqailh confirmed to him that he supports the Libyan political agreement.

Later Aqailh appeared on Alnabaa TV and gave another story. He said the UN-proposed government would not be recognized unless by an amendment to the constitutional declaration.

"As usual, he (kobler) came to push for the national concord, but we told him that the constitutional declaration must be amended first by a majority of two-thirds of the parliament." Aqailah said.

"We explained to him that this government was not given a vote of confidence. Its acts are meaningless." He added.

Aqailah also asserted to Kobler that the dialogue must be a Libyan-Libyan one, and the GNC must be part of the solution.

The UN-imposed government was expected to announce the cabinet Saturday night, but instructions were given by Martin Kobler to postpone the announcement by 48 hours to find a solution to the demands of the eastern members of the presidency council.