Khalifa Haftar aide: Italy’s Paolo Serra is the grandson of General Graziani

Khalifa Haftar aide: Italy’s Paolo Serra is the grandson of General Graziani

May 13, 2017 - 15:12
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Written By: HousamNajjair

Abdul-Basit Al-Badri. Photo: Elaph

The personal envoy of Khalifa Haftar and Libyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Basit Al-Badri, has criticized the Italian role in Libya, saying the Italians had attempted to impose a government on Libyans.

In an interview with London-based Elaph e-newspaper published on Thursday, Al-Badri said the Italians had intervened in Libya’s affairs to impose Skhirat-signed Libyan political agreement.

“In the Obama era, the Italians imposed their conditions and intervened significantly by proposing the government and the imposition of the Libyan political agreement, which we see as a solution now but with the right combination of amendments.” He said.

Al-Badri has likened Italian Lieutenant-General Paolo Serra, the security adviser to UN envoy Martin Kobler, to the fascist General Rodolfo Graziani.

“Italy also appointed Paolo Serra as head of UNSMIL Security Arrangements Committee, which prompted many Libyans to consider him as the grandson of General Graziani who killed Omar Mukhtar and set up detention camps all over Libya.” He remarked.

Al-Badri also criticized the British, saying they have recently taken the same position as the Italians and supported the Presidential Council, which contains “terrorist groups,” according to him.

Khalifa Haftar’s envoy declared that they are looking forward to the new US administration to stand with “the army” in its fight against “terrorism.”

“We are counting on the Trump administration to start a new page with Libya and support us in our fight against ISIS by lifting the arms embargo on the Libyan National Army,” he stated.

He accused the former Obama administration of installing the Muslim Brotherhood in the post Arab Spring countries.

When asked about his stance on former Gaddafi regime members and their inclusion in any future political solution, he said the House of Representatives had issued a general amnesty for all Gaddafi regime members and struck out the political isolation law, which was designed by the Muslim Brotherhood and approved by the General National Conference.

“We do not reject former regime members and in fact we demand the release of the former Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi and the former envoy to the UN Abuzed Dourda.”He said.