Justice Ministry of Salvation Government protests an international committee report

Justice Ministry of Salvation Government protests an international committee report

February 22, 2016 - 20:14
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

In a letter sent to the UN Secretary-General, President of UN Security Council, and Head of Human Rights Council, the Salvation Government’s Justice Ministry has expressed rejection of the biased nature of the committee formed by Human Rights Council back in 2014, which was assigned to investigate into human rights violations in Libya.

“We have informed the committee and expected its cooperation in return, but in vain, it has rejected to respond to our letter.” The Justice Ministry said in a statement Sunday, confirming that a bunch of reports arrived in the Ministry about the lack of neutrality and communication with Tripoli-based SG by many civil society organizations.

The Ministry added that it had noticed the lack of seriousness of the committee as it had been operating from Tunisia and, having poor assessment of the situation in Libya from the ground, but instead, it based judgments on the internet in contacting victims in person, knowing that most of them barley know how to use it, not to mention being selective in choosing the victims and witnesses to contact.

“We are skeptical about the accuracy of the committee’s report about human rights violations in Libya that is being prepared to be advanced to the Human Rights Council amid the reluctance of the committee to cooperate with the SG in Tripoli.” The Ministry concluded.

The UN Human Rights Council had previously ordered its High Commissioner in March 2015 to send a committee to Libya to investigate the human rights violations committed in Libya since the start of 2014 to ensure justice, which will be followed by a report by the HRC in its forthcoming 31st session.