Jodran's militia yell at Khalifa Haftar's forces

Jodran's militia yell at Khalifa Haftar's forces

September 17, 2015 - 23:28
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The militia of Ibrahim Jodran, which is seizing oil ports in the oil crescent area in eastern Sirte, has deplored the attempt to arrest Abdullah Al-Thani, Prime Minister of Tobruk government by Khalifa Haftar’s armed groups and prevent him from travelling to Malta to attend an oil conference.

"We strongly condemn what the so-called General Command militias have done to the prime minister by preventing him from leaving Labrag Airport to Malta." A spokesperson for the militia has said.

The spokesperson described Haftar's armed groups as criminal gangs and vowed to hit with an iron fist those who attack what he called the legitimacy.

Our hands are on the trigger and we are ready to hit those who pretend to be legitimate, he said.

Last week, Ibrahim Jodran accused Khalifa Haftar of masterminding a plot to assassinate him.

In March 2014, Jodran, a pre-17 revolution bandit, tried to sell oil in the black market when he had hired a North Korean tanker and loaded it with $36 million of crude oil. The tanker was intercepted on the high seas by the US navy after the then-government of Ali Zidan failed to stop it from leaving al-Sidra port.