Italy denies plans to expand its military presence in Libya

Italy denies plans to expand its military presence in Libya

June 26, 2021 - 15:28
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Italian General Defence Staff has denied its intention to build its presence in Libya, stressing that media reports in this regard are false.

According to the Italian General Defence Staff, the troops present now in Libya amount to 250 units while the agreement with the Libyan side allows up to 400 units, the Italian magazine Formica reported.

The Italian side denied any dialogue with the Libyan authorities to increase the military presence, as "unreliable sources" claimed.

In return, Italian General Defence Staff did confirm that it would deploy another 17 military missions in the African region, based on the decision of the Italian Council of Ministers in June. 17.

The deployment of these missions comes within the framework of the Italian strategy aimed at increasing interest in the south, especially the African region that develops within an imaginary triangle, from the southwest of the Gulf of Guinea to the southeast of Como Africa, the Italian General Defence Staff explained.

A media report by the Italian newspaper Il Foglio has claimed that the Italian government is seeking - within an ambitious and coordinated plan with France - to increase its military activities in Libya by deploying more than 600 soldiers.

According to the report, 400 soldiers will join the 200 already stationed in Misrata. An additional 200 will head to Tripoli for mine clearance operations if they receive an official invitation from Dbeibah's government, while 200 others will assist the Libyan forces in securing the southern border with Niger.