Italian politician urges for naval blockade on Libya

Italian politician urges for naval blockade on Libya

June 13, 2018 - 21:38
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Leader of the Italian conservative party Fratelli d'Italia “Brothers of Italy” Giorgia Meloni has urged for a naval blockade on Libya to stop immigration boats from heading to European southern coasts.

On Facebook, Meloni said the blockade is the only solution to the immigrants’ influx, adding that she will draft a resolution for the EU summit on June 28-29 and will ask the Italian Prime Minister to go to Brussels and urge the EU to send a mission for imposing the blockade.

“We want Italy to be able to defend its borders and we want to have an immediate naval blockade on Libyan coast, where migrants are coming from.” She added.

Meanwhile, the Italian ambassador to Libya reiterated days ago the commitment of Italy to helping Libya in the illegal migration issue through all deals and agreements, reaffirming that the new government will do the same as the old one in that regard.

The Libyan foreign minister, Mohammed Sayala, met Tuesday in Tripoli with the Italian ambassador to Libya where they talked about bilateral relations and issues of mutual interests.