Iranian ambassador: 80% of IS fighters in Libya are foreigners

Iranian ambassador: 80% of IS fighters in Libya are foreigners

January 27, 2016 - 09:34
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Iranian ambassador to Libya Hossein Akbari. Photo: FARS

The Iranian ambassador to Libya Hossein Akbari has said that the Takfiri groups - as he described - were not the main force in the 2011 Libyan revolution, but it is the general public who formed the main structure of the revolution.

In a statement to Iran's FARS News Agency, Akbari added that the IS group has emerged after the dispute between the governments in the east and west of Libya and then gained control over some areas.

"A small number of IS fighters are Libyans and approximately 80% of them are foreigners who came from outside of Libya." The ambassador explained, confirming that the general public in Libya are moderate.  

"In an optimistic view, we can say the international community is unable to solve problems, and in a pessimistic one, we can say foreign players in Libya want destruction and war to continue for their own interests." Added the ambassador.

Akbari also declared that his country thinks that the best way to solve the Libyan political crisis is the direct dialogue between the two conflicting parties to form a government of national concord.

"The UN-sponsored efforts over the past one and a half years have led to nowhere and produced no result." He lamented.