International meeting to support Libya's Interior Ministry under UNSMIL's auspices

International meeting to support Libya's Interior Ministry under UNSMIL's auspices

January 17, 2019 - 21:24
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UNSMIL has held a meeting in Tripoli to review the plans of the Libyan Interior Ministry for security status and to provide the needed support for it.

The meeting was attended by the Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and several representatives and ambassadors of foreign countries.

UNSMIL explained on Twitter that Bashagha reviewed the security status and the plans to enhance it as well as the necessary equipment needed on the ground.

"We are not short of resources in Libya, rather we ask the international community to provide training and equipment for surveillance and combatting terrorism and crime." He told the attendees.

Bashagha added that armed groups and the spread of weapons out of the governments control are the two main challenges, besides terrorism and illegal immigration.

He indicated that arms ban and political as well as institutional divisions are hindering the plans of the Interior Ministry for security in the country.

Head of UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, said however; that this meeting is necessary because there's a firm decision by the Presidential Council's government and Bashagha to exercise all responsibilities entrusted to the ministry and extend state’s authority, adding that the meeting is a clear message of the International community's strong support for such a decision.

Likewise, ambassadors of the international community showed appreciation for the Interior Minister’s efforts including the establishment of human and child rights divisions as well as for including female police officers & personnel to better serve the population.

They also expressed full support to the Interior Minister and their commitment to provide technical, political and strategic assistance to the ministry’s efforts and plans to strengthen the capacity of the security authorities.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry of Presidential Council deplored the violence in southern Tripoli, confirming in a statement that it had officially handed over Tripoli International Airport to the Security Directorate of Tarhuna for protection.

The ministry warned Tripoli truce breakers of the consequences of their acts, saying a report would be submitted to the Presidential Council about the incidents.

The ministry’s statement clearly indicates that the truce breakers are the armed brigades of Tripoli Protection Force, who ignited the fighting after the deployment of Tarhuna’s 7th Brigade in the vicinity of Tripoli International Airport.