Interior ministry accuses Haftar’s aide of establishing suspicious ties with Syrian regime

Interior ministry accuses Haftar’s aide of establishing suspicious ties with Syrian regime

July 08, 2019 - 10:19
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Interior Ministry disclosed in a statement Sunday that its security services had monitored and tracked over the past years a large number of ISIS members, confirming it's cooperation with several major friendly countries in this regard.

In response to remarks made by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he expressed concern about the flow of militants from the Syrian city of Idlib to Libya, the Interior Ministry said that it had obtained information that the so-called military investment authority of warlord Khalifa Haftar had transported aviation fuel to Syria in exchange for money and possibly weapons.

The ministry pointed out that the mentioned authority is run by Mohammed Al-Madani Al-Fakhri who has close coordination with the current security forces in Damascus.

Earlier, drug shipments were seized in the eastern region coming from Latakia port of Syria, in violation of the Security Council resolutions concerning Libya and Syria.

Al-Fakhri had issued false visas for Syrian passport holders to enter the Libyan territory through Benina Airport in Benghazi, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry.

"This forced the ministry to stop granting visas, for whatever reasons, for a number of nationalities, including Syrians," the ministry explained.

It further accused Al-Fakhri of establishing suspicious trade relations and operating direct flights between Benina Airport and Damascus, as well as granting approval for a company named "Sham Wings" to run these flights as well as other airlines.

In this regard, the ministry said that "Sham Wings" company was involved in transferring military equipment and weapons, as well as fighters of the Syrian regime, pointing out that there are fears that terrorist elements and fighters could have entered Libya via Benina International Airport in Benghazi.

It also emphasized the need to address the competent authorities to prevent the landing of planes belonging to Sham Company at Libyan airports.

At another level, the UN mission in Libya along with the embassies of the five major countries, the European Union, and neighboring countries demanded that such acts should be monitored for the threat it poses to the security in Libya and the entire region, insisting that security and legal measures must be taken in this regard.