I am fully ready to stand trial, says Abu Sahmain

I am fully ready to stand trial, says Abu Sahmain

January 28, 2016 - 23:07
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain reiterated on Thursday the congress's keenness to reach an inclusive political solution to the Libyan crisis, denying at the same time any intention of the GNC or its members in obstructing the dialogue.

In a lengthy speech in Tripoli, Abu Sahmain said he was surprised at the UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler's remarks in Tunisia yesterday, in which he described Tripoli as being under the rule of militias.  

"Kobler had visited Tripoli, wandered in its markets and visited camps of displaced people without being hampered by any one, and the members of his team visited Tripoli continuously without being exposed to any harm." He wonders.

Abu Sahmain also refuted Kobler's claims that he was barred, some days ago, from visiting Tripoli to see GNC President, explaining that a request for permission was submitted to the Salvation Government to allow security coordinator Paulo Serra to visit Tripoli and Zintan, but Kobler did not ask for permission to visit Tripoli, according to Abu Sahmain.

Abu Sahmain considered the State Council proposed by the UNSMIL as a political bribe to the GNC members in the way that they would be awarded salaries and benefits without having executive, legislative, or even controlling authority.

He also rejected the exemption of GNC members and other state officials from prosecution for any malpractice, stating that he is ready to appear before the court immediately and put himself at the request of the Attorney General and the Military Prosecutor for questioning.

"All officials should do his step, including HoR President Aqilah Saleh, and all the controversial figures like Khalifa Haftar and others." He said.

The GNC president also refuted the repeated allegations by other countries including Tunisia that Libya was a source of terrorism, turning it into a scapegoat where others cast the consequences of their failure.

The Tunisian president held Libya responsible for the recent events in his country, despite the fact that Tunisia suffers from a high unemployment rate and it was nothing to do with Libya or others." He noted."On the contrary, most of Daesh fighters arrested or who carried out operations in Libya, were Tunisians, while the Tunisian authorities did not arrest even one Libyan who was about, or preparing for any terrorist attacks there." He exclaimed.