House of Representatives is a failed institution and corrupt, MP discloses

House of Representatives is a failed institution and corrupt, MP discloses

February 05, 2017 - 16:16
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

House of Representatives member Abu Baker Ibrahim has called on the Tobruk-based parliament to quit and urged what he described “the faithful members” in the parliament to resign after corruption has reached its climax there.

“The House of Representatives is much worse than the General National Congress,” he told Libya News TV on Saturday.

He said the HoR is deeply fragmented and has no leadership, while decisions of the parliament are being taken under the table without approval of the members.

“I am always present in Tobruk, but there are many decisions that were taken and I have never heard of them,” he said.

He indicated that many embassies abroad are corrupt and the HoR is unable to question any ambassador because many of the corrupt ambassadors were chosen on regional and tribal basis.

He accused both Al-Thanni government and the HoR of corruption, and said that corruption within the committees of HoR is deeply rooted.

“They buy luxury cars and give them to their sons; the head of the government Abdullah Al-Thanni is threatening the MPs because he has something to reveal about them,” he revealed.

He also urged the Libyan people to revolt against the existing bodies in power, bring them to justice, and correct the path in Libya, even if “a quarter of the population were killed for the sake of this.”


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