HoR member: Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya's democracy and Trump will help us restore it

HoR member: Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya's democracy and Trump will help us restore it

November 14, 2016 - 19:10
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Written by: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Dignity Operation reaches out to Donald Trump in a bid to get more military support 

Tobruk MP, Jaballah Al-Shibani

After rushing to congratulate the US President-elect, Donald Trump, for his win over Hillary Clinton, members of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, who are pro-Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation, said they find Trump as Libya’s savior who will help them end the country’s current crises.

Speaking on Libya Al-Hadath TV – a 24-hour mouthpiece for Dignity Operation and its leader, Khalifa Haftar – the Tobruk MP, Jaballah Al-Shibani, said Sunday that the Sovereignty Bloc at the Tobruk-based HoR had left no stone unturned trying to reach and offer support for Donald Trump and his campaign.

“After the damage we received by Hillary Clinton and her administration and after all the wrongdoings she advocated in our country, we decided to show our unconditional support for Donald Trump.” Al-Shibani told Libya Al-Hadath TV.

The HoR member said they managed to reach a Donald Trump campaigner and well-known political commentator, Jerome Corsi, and met with him via a closed circle through the satellite after a meeting in person in a third-party country had failed to take shape.

“We talked for one hour and a half with Corsi.” Jaballa Al-Shibani added.

“Corsi told us that Donald Trump Campaign wants us to show the Libyan people the reality of Clinton’s failed and crooked policies in Libya and tell them about her fabrications in our country in order to help boost Trump’s election polls.” Al-Shibani explained, remarking that they only helped tell the truth about Hillary Clinton.

“Corsi also promised us that the Libyan crisis will be one of the Trump administration’s priorities, emphasizing that they will support the Libyan army with the needed military equipment because they are looking for who can bring back stability and security in Libya.” He indicated.

He stressed that Clinton has been poised to deform the "Libyan Army" from the very beginning of the 17 February revolution in 2011 when she lied and said Libyan soldiers had raped hundreds and thousands of women.

“Even when the Libyan democratic and stable state started to take shape at the time of Ali Zidan government, the then US Secretary of the State, Hilary Clinton, played a crucial role in helping Islamists, Libya Dawn Operation and others to topple over the democracy and legitimacy in Libya.” He told the Dignity Operation’s mouthpiece Libya Al-Hadath TV.

Al-Shibani added that the HoR and Dignity Operation think that however bad Trump’s policy in Libya, it would never be as bad as Hillary and Obama’s policies were, adding that they are positive that Trump’s presidency will help make a U-turn by the US in Libya.

“Trump believes in strong and powerful men and he has good relations with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, which will pave the way for good relations with Libya as well.” He added, in an implied hint that Trump might like to deal with a powerful ex-CIA agent, Khalifa Haftar.

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