Heavy clashes in a densely populated area in Libya’s capital

Heavy clashes in a densely populated area in Libya’s capital

June 11, 2022 - 19:48
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Heavy clashes took place on Friday between two armed groups in Tripoli’s Sooq Al-Thulata roundabout area as the sound of gunfire and explosions was heard by many residents in the capital.

Footage circulated on social media platforms showed civilians in panic amid gunfire in the crowded area, where a large number of families happened to be out for a time of relaxation and fresh air with the high temperatures and power outages that are plunging the capital.

Brigade 444 helped families out of the clashes’ area in Sooq Al-Thulata after hours of clashes and calls by people for a humanitarian assistance. The brigade then helped end the clashes between the two armed groups, in addition to setting up security checkpoints to stabilize the situation.

No official statement was made regarding the clashes and no information about the number of casualties was published. Yet, many believe that the political conflict is behind the clashes as the two governments are still at conflict, knowing that the two armed groups are Nawasi Brigade that is responsible for allowing Fathi Bashagha to enter Tripoli and for clashes on May 17, 2022, and Support Stability Apparatus, which rejected Bashagha's entry to the capital and was part of clashes after the entry attempt.

Tripoli Security Directorate said on Facebook that all those who suffered material or human losses should talk to the nearest police station or Tripoli Criminal Investigation Office to document the incident and take legal measures.