HCS member: HoR representatives demand military figures be allowed to run for elections

HCS member: HoR representatives demand military figures be allowed to run for elections

June 18, 2022 - 17:26
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A member of the constitutional path committee representing the High Council of State (HCS), Abdul-Qader Huwaili, has said that the "essential" constitutional articles, which represent 5% of the sticking points, are still a matter of disagreement between the committees of the HCS and the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting in Cairo.

Among the points of contention is the military's practice of politics, Huwaili disclosed in a press statement, indicating that some have requested to at least allow military figures to take part in the next round of elections, which was rejected by the HCS as it violates the law that prevents the military from practicing in politics, as he put it.

According to Huwaili, some members of the HCS committee are also demanding that dual nationals be allowed to run for elections, stressing the HCS's rejection of this proposal as well.

He highlighted that the Libyan judiciary decided on this issue and was ratified by the Supreme Court, which makes it obligatory in respect of Libyan sovereignty.

The HCS member noted that they presented a proposal to the UN mission to settle this issue through a national referendum, pointing out that some members suggested presenting a full constitution for the Libyan people to decide on, which according to Huwaili contradicts the principle that the Constitution Drafting Assembly is entrusted with carrying out such tasks.

He called on the CDA to accept the submitted proposals and amendments, saying that it has also committed irregularities in its work.

Domestic governance was another lingering issue, says Huwaili, explaining that the problem remains in the number of governorates and whether to appoint or elect the governors and mayors of municipalities.

"Some articles related to transitional provisions, the rights of components, and the precedence of parliamentary or presidential elections are still under study between the two committees," Huwaili said.