Haftar's forces kidnap women in Derna, eastern Libya

Haftar's forces kidnap women in Derna, eastern Libya

May 27, 2019 - 18:10
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Khalifa Haftar's forces stormed Monday dawn the house of Al-Bahbah family in western Shiha area in Derna and kidnapped three women, a source from the city in eastern Libya said.

The source, who asked to be unnamed, added that Haftar's forces, including a person named Al-Amin Al-Fakhiri, broke into the house and robbed it - taking gold and money.

The source indicated that daily life conditions after Haftar's forces control on the city in last summer as an "open prison" as Haftar's opponents cannot do anything in the city, even when their houses get raided at night for their opposition.

Last week, Haftar's forces kidnapped three women from Bin Khayal family and took them to an unknown location after storming their house in Derna.

Interior Security Directorate of Haftar's so-called general command - most of them are from Gaddafi's regime - and notorious Awliya Al-Dam (Blood Owners) brigade have been doing kidnaps and assaults on families in Derna under the pretext of having their sons being part of Derna Shura Council.