Haftar’s forces storm into farm of ex-Dignity Operation leader in Al-Bayda

Haftar’s forces storm into farm of ex-Dignity Operation leader in Al-Bayda

February 13, 2017 - 19:36
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

An armed force of the Dignity Operation, which is led by Khalifa Haftar, stormed into the farm of the ex- Dignity Operation leader, Colonel Faraj Al-Barasi in Al-Wasita, 10 km northern Al-Bayda, local sources reported Monday.

“They tried to arrest Al-Barasi, who has been lately known as an opposition figure to Haftar’s Dignity Operation.” The sources said.

It is widely known on pro-Haftar media outlets that Al-Barasi has been accused by the so-called general command of being in touch with the Libyan Brotherhood Movement and the former Dignity Operation leader and Haftar’s sidekick, Mahdi Al-Barghathi, who is now the Defense Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government.

Haftar is against the UN-proposed government and is at odds with Al-Barghathi, after the latter had abandoned Dignity Operation and joined Al-Serraj-chaired government.

“The armed force led by Ahmed Gharour – a new sidekick of Haftar and a person who is accused of many assassinations and kidnaps in the east – raided the farm in search for Al-Barasi, who was not there at the time.

“But after clashing with the persons in the farm, the armed force arrested Faraj Al-Barasi’s brother, Edriss.”

Late in 2014, Al-Barasi and Haftar had a rift as the former was expanding his power within Dignity Operation command, which led Haftar to doubt him as a coup plotter and then to dismiss him and accuse him of theft.

The eastern region has been plagued with several armed forces’ raids and abductions of many military officers from Dignity Operation on counts of treason and contacts with anti-Haftar factions.

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