Guterres: Crimes and intimidation increasing in eastern Libya

Guterres: Crimes and intimidation increasing in eastern Libya

January 22, 2020 - 20:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres said the eastern Libyan region's general law and order are deteriorating as crimes and intimidation are increasing by Khalifa Haftar's forces.

In a report on Tuesday, Guterres said Benghazi became a hub for illicit economic activity like selling drugs and weapons.

Guterres also said that the UN documented kidnapping the Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority then releasing him, let alone the abduction of the former Head of Lawyers’ Syndicate in Benghazi, the murder of a Jumhouriya Bank clerk, and kidnapping the General Manager of the National Commercial Bank.

He also said that they had documented the discovery of a mass grave in Al-Hawari in Benghazi.

"Women in eastern Libya have also been victims to kidnapping and assaults, for example the abduction of the Head of Medical Services from her house in Derna and murdering two Sudanese women after kidnapping and torturing them." The report says, adding that a Libyan old woman in her 70’s had also been kidnapped from her house in Benghazi, besides Haftar's forces storming into the house of the Head of Seventh Criminal Circle of Benghazi.

Guterres said that the case of the kidnapping of the member of the House of Representatives Siham Sirgiwa is still mysterious and so is her fate after she was kidnapped from her house in Benghazi and amid many calls for her release.