GRS refuses UNSMIL draft

GRS refuses UNSMIL draft

July 01, 2015 - 13:40
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Gathering of Revolution Squares (GRS) has refused the UNSMIL’s amended draft agreement saying it's an underestimation of 17 February revolution.

In a statement on Tuesday, the CRG, a civil society institution, considered the draft as an attempt to make a pact with the counter-revolution powers by giving the dissolved parliament the authority to give and withdraw confidence from the proposed national unity government.

"The draft gives the proposed Supreme State Council an advisory role with no similar authorities as given to the dissolved parliament." It said.

The GRS’s statement pointed out that the amended draft also gives legitimacy to the previous dissolved parliament’s resolutions such as electing the parliament’s speaker, General Staff, General Leader of the Army and bringing the retired military personnel back to the service.

It also calls for amnesty for prisoners, as well as considering Libya Dawn a terrorist group and enlisting foreign intervention, the statement reads.

“The resolutions made by the General National Congress and the assignments issued by the Salvation Government are invalid.” The statement added, saying that the GRS is skeptical that part of the draft is not put on media yet, which would lead to instability in Libya especially if the UNSMIL would have the authority to intervene in Libya’s affairs and have Libya’s resources under its custody in the transitional government and afterwards.

The statement indicated that the army proposed to take control of Tripoli is the same army that is recognized by the parliament since the amended draft called for improving the skills of the army not founding a new army.

Meanwhile, the statement urged the Libyan people to reject this amended draft by going in a protest outside the GNC’s headquarters today in an attempt to oblige the UNSMIL to amend the draft to become congruent with the 17 February revolution principles.