Govt security force slams Amnesty International report 

Govt security force slams Amnesty International report 

May 05, 2022 - 15:58
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

In a hard-hitting response to Amnesty International's report that criticizes the Stabilization Support unit for its treatment of illegal immigrants, the latter said it would not hesitate to pursue the organization on charges of defamation and slander against the Libyan state and its official security institutions.

In a statement on Facebook Wednesday, the force said the report of Amnesty International accusing the Stabilization Support unit of arbitrary detention of migrants and refugees and human rights violations lacks the most basic standards of professional work.

"The report presented by Amnesty International lacks the simplest criteria of professional work, which requires the aforementioned organization to formally address the Stabilization Support apparatus and official security institutions in the Libyan state to answer any inquiries or accusations in its alleged report before making it public," the force said.

It reiterated that it is part of the official state institutions and is keen to implement the Libyan law, which takes into account the standards of justice and human rights.

"All those arrested are referred to the Public Prosecution according to official evidence-gathering reports," the force explains, noting that its follow-up and inspection department works to deter any alleged individual violations committed by its affiliates.