GNC reiterates call for its amendments on UNSMIL draft to be reconsidered

GNC reiterates call for its amendments on UNSMIL draft to be reconsidered

August 10, 2015 - 00:25
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The GNC decides not to attend any next dialogue rounds unless certain amendments on the UNSMIL draft are adopted, a statement by the congress has indicated.

The statement, issued following Sunday's regular meeting, reiterated the GNC's call for taking into account its proposed amendments on the latest draft, indicating that the GNC participation is depending on the UNSMIL's ok to discuss these amendments again.

"The GNC will not be politically or legally committed to the unilateral signing of the draft in Skhirat on July 12 by one party (Tobruk parliament)." It reads.

The GNC mandated its president Nuri Abu Sahmain to contact the head of the UNSMIL Bernardino Leon and make sure that the GNC amendments, proposed in Algeria meeting, will be put on the table for discussion before attending any future dialogue rounds. 

According to the GNC statement, both sides agreed in Algeria that the Libyan political agreement will not be finally approved unless it's accepted and signed by the GNC.

Sources from the GNC said Abu Sahmain has already sent a message to Leon following today's session confirming to him that the GNC dialogue team is ready to travel to Geneva, where the next round will take place, to meet with the UNSMIL to discuss a mechanism to include the GNC's proposed amendments.

"The GNC is waiting for a response from the UNSMIL tonight or tomorrow." The statement reads. 

Libyan dialogue parties unilaterally signed in initials the UNSMIL’s draft of the political agreement last month.  Representatives of the General National Congress refrained from signing the draft, demanding certain amendments to be included first in the draft.