GNC President: No one on earth can force us to sign Skhirat agreement

GNC President: No one on earth can force us to sign Skhirat agreement

January 17, 2016 - 09:25
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The President of the General National Congress, Nuri Abu Sahmain said the parties that signed the Skhirat agreement must find a solution to the mess they had caused, pointing that the GNC had rejected the legal way by which Fayez Sirraj was appointed.

In his last meeting with the UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler earlier this month, Abu Sahmain stated that there is no power on earth that can force the GNC to sign an agreement that goes against Libya’s benefits, stressing that concessions can be made only in favor of the country’s greater good.

“I do not understand why the Prime Ministers of Egypt and UAE did not attend the Skhirat agreement signing even though they are the ones that sponsoring the ongoing fights in Libya.” Exclaimed Abu Sahmain.

"Kobler claims that 48 GNC members support the Skhirat agreement, so I ask him to reveal their names because such a number deserves some respect,” he indicated, pointing that the more than 90 GNC members reject the agreement.

"Therefore, the majority of both the GNC and the HoR, which did not recognize the Skhirat agreement, have the same stand against this imposed government." The GNC President added.

He elaborated by saying that the some countries are conspiring against Libya, stressing that even though Ibrahim Jodran has occupied the Libyan oil ports, the international community advised us, with forceful comments, not to mention that at all in any official document.

“The GNC still exists and it won’t be cancelled by such agreements as the New York or Skhirat ones, and we stress that the UN mission is only logistic, not military or an introduction to mandate government.” Concluded Abu Sahmain.