GNC amendments included in UNSMIL draft as settlement draws near

GNC amendments included in UNSMIL draft as settlement draws near

September 13, 2015 - 08:48
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

A consensus on the main elements of the Libyan political draft has been reached by Libyan parties, head of UNSMIL indicated in Skhirta on Saturday.

Bernardino Leon said in a press conference that a new political draft would be distributed to the representatives of both the GNC and Tobruk parliament for approval.

The new draft includes some of GNC's proposed amendments.

Both rivals will leave Skhirat to discuss the new draft with their parliaments and return back to Morocco after two days.

"They are going to come back after these 48 hours with their names to propose candidates for the national unity government." Leon said.

Tobruk parliament delegation said they had received the GNC amendments but it's up to the parliament in Tobruk to accept them or not.

The delegation has already submitted Tobruk candidates for the unity government while the GNC insists that certain amendments should be included in the UNSMIL'a main draft before nominating candidates.

Meanwhile, the Head of GNC dialogue team Awad Abdul-Sadiq has declared that some of the GNC amendments would be included in the political agreement draft.

The GNC delegation, during its meeting with Leon, requested that the GNC should the sole authority to appoint the members of the State Supreme Council and that the sovereign positions should be vacant soon after the formation of the unity government.

The other GNC amendments would be discussed in the annexes, reports say.

Leo expected that the final draft would be signed by both sides by September 20. The EU delegation to Libya and the EU ambassadors have supported the deadline set by Leon to sign the agreement on September 20.