Fuel crisis in southern Libya soon to be solved as 80 tank trucks head from Misrata to Sabha

Fuel crisis in southern Libya soon to be solved as 80 tank trucks head from Misrata to Sabha

October 08, 2017 - 19:33
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Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

The member of the fuel and gas crisis committee and mayor of Wadi Al-Bawanis Belqasim Saeid confirmed that 80 tank trucks filled with fuel headed to southern Libya from Misrata oil depot, saying that 12 other tank trucks had headed to Al-Jufra.

Saied said in a presser Sunday that some of the trucks heading south arrived in Al-Jufra and were due to arrive in their final destination, Sabha.

Meanwhile, Misarta transportation association demanded earlier security of the roads to Sabha, thus leading to the formation of a committee from southern mayors who reached an agreement with security apparatuses to secure the trucks coming from Misrata, especially after being subject for many armed robberies.

The southern region is suffering from an acute shortage of fuel due to bad security conditions, thus leading to rocketing prices of fuel in the black market. The issue also led to the closure of many state institutions like Sabha University and Sabha Hospital, where several medics said they could not go to their jobs as they had no fuel to drive there.

Sabha municipality has threatened in a statement last week to close Sharara and Al-Feel oilfields as well as the water system known as Man-Made River if fuel did not arrive in the southern region, and Sabha in particular.

Relatedly, a southern Libyan youths group called "Enough Silence" has blocked all the roads leading to the key oilfields of Sharara and Al-Feel in protest of bad living conditions in the region.

The group includes young men from Ubari, Al-Ghariga, and Bent Beh, threatened to organize a civil disobedience inside the Sharara and Al-Feel fields if the NOC did not take action regarding their demands, which include better living conditions in the south.