Former GNC member: 24 December poll will be catastrophic if they go ahead

Former GNC member: 24 December poll will be catastrophic if they go ahead

December 12, 2021 - 17:43
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Former member of the General National Congress (GNC), Mahmoud Abdulaziz, says that the 24 December elections will be "literally catastrophic" if they go ahead as scheduled and would not achieve their goal.

In an interview with The Libya Observer, Abdulaziz said the voting can not go ahead in such a tense environment, and if it does, it will be a disaster for Libya and could portend another war.

A UN-backed political forum last year pushed Libya's political leaders to stick to a UN roadmap timetable. However, the UN calendar faces growing demands for postponement from internal and international players who warn that holding a vote too early risks a new cycle of violence.

"An atmosphere of pessimism permeates the Libyan electoral scene as a result of the failure to establish a sound foundation to apply them," Abdulaziz explains.

He said there are no guarantees that the results of the presidential election will be accepted as legitimate by all parties.

"There were inconsistencies in the decisions of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council regarding the voting laws, Abdulaziz added, who also lambasted the HNEC for "mishandling" the electoral process.

Hundreds of thousands of people who did not register for the elections found their names among the voters. On the other hand, others said their names weren't listed in the voting registration, while some were registered in a distance polling place, far from their region, he added.

Another issue was the "fraud voting tickets" as reported by many who confirmed that cards are being issued for deceased people while some are selling their voting tickets for a few thousand dinars.

Abdulaziz -who documented some of these breaches himself in a polling station in his neighbourhood- confirmed that such breaches "unfortunately exist and happened with thousands of voters, while the HNEC's response for these violations remains weak."

He said that the domestic front lacks the will and courage to address these issues, insisting that the voices of those calling for establishing a clear constitutional rule and consensus must be heard.

The former GNC member emphasized the need for the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to unite with the true political forces on the ground, to issue agreed-upon voting laws if the country was to go through sound elections, which outcomes would be accepted.

In response to a question about the UN mission's role, he confirmed that a lack of trust between the Libyan political forces and the UN mission exists. "The mission is no longer a trustworthy partner. It has become part of the problem and therefore will not be part of the solution.