Five European countries urge for speedy appointing new UN envoy to Libya

Five European countries urge for speedy appointing new UN envoy to Libya

September 16, 2020 - 19:51
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Five members of the UN Security Council on Tuesday welcomed the inter-Libyan dialogue held in Bouznika and its outcome, considering it a “positive step” towards the rapid resumption of the political process and a way out of the crisis in Libya.

“The outcome of the mediation talks held in Switzerland and Morocco are positive steps towards the early resumption of the Libyan political process,” said five current and incoming European members of the Security Council, namely Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany and Ireland.

In a joint statement read out during a press conference at UN headquarters following the adoption of resolution 2542, which provides for the appointment “without delay” of a new UN special envoy to Libya, the five European members emphasized the importance of non-interference in Libyan affairs.

They insisted that there is “no military solution to the Libyan conflict” and that the way out of the crisis can only be “political, in a spirit of inclusion, under the auspices of the United Nations.”

Other member countries of the Security Council also hailed the Bouznika Libyan dialogue and the agreements reached by the participating parties.

“We welcome the recent inter-Libyan dialogue hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco in Bouznika and the talks in Montreux, Switzerland, which could bring the various parties closer to a Libyan-led process that will hopefully result in a lasting peace in Libya,” said South African ambassador to the UN in his explanation of the vote on resolution 2542.

 Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Secretary General of the UN denied media reports that Bulgarian diplomat Nikolai Miladniv will be appointed as new UN envoy to Libya.