Fatwa House urges for punishing killers of cleric Al-Omrani amid local, international condemnation of the crime

Fatwa House urges for punishing killers of cleric Al-Omrani amid local, international condemnation of the crime

November 22, 2016 - 19:48
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Fatwa House and the Islamic Research and Studies Council called in a statement Tuesday for exacting punishment on all those who plotted and partook in the murdering of sheikh Nadir Al-Omrani.

“Punishment for criminals is an implementation of Allah’s words and a deterrence for other criminals.” The statement reads.

“Shiekh Al-Omrani was assassinated because of his moderate religious thinking and his renunciation of extremists and radicals, who are most likely the ones who killed him based on misleading fatwas coming from outside Libya, just like they did with scholars and preachers in Benghazi.” The statement adds.

Relatedly, the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government said it is following the news about Al-Omrani’s death with grave concern, condemning the crime and saying that those who committed it are nothing but immoral culprits who shed the blood of Muslims without batting an eye.

The General National Congress also offered condolences for the family of sheikh Al-Omrani and Libyans as well as the Islamic world, saying it hails the current efforts to arrest the perpetrators and calling on all the relevant authorities to do what it takes to reveal the truth behind the murder.

Moreover, the Libyan Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry, Libya Scholars Authority and Libya Scholars Association as well as the Salvation Government, Libya Muslim Brotherhood Group, and others all reacted in condemnation of the crime and urged for immediate investigations to reveal the truth behind his assassination.

The Head of the UNSMIL, Martin Kobler also condemned on Twitter the killing of Al-Omrani, who was kidnapped on October 06, offering condolences and sympathy for his family.

“This is a crime against moderation and a proof that extremism and radicalism have already lost their fight.” Many Islamic organizations and scholars worldwide said.

Dr. Al-Omrani was a professor of Hadith and Sunna at Libyan universities as well as a member at the Libyan Fatwa House and Secretary General of the Libyan Scholars Organization, in addition to being a vice president of Arab Maghreb Scholars Association, a member of the Muslim Scholars Association and the Head of the Scholarly Committee of the Libyan Commission of Islamic Finance.