Fatwa House regards UNSMIL’s notes on constitution draft as intervention in domestic affairs

Fatwa House regards UNSMIL’s notes on constitution draft as intervention in domestic affairs

January 30, 2016 - 19:12
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Libyan Fatwa House (FH) has rendered UNSMIL’s notes on the constitution draft as a blatant intervention in Libya’s internal affairs and a provocation of the Libyan people’s sentiments.

In a statement Friday, the Sharia Research and Studies Center of the FH criticized the UNSMIL’s notes that demanded the international conventions and laws be ahead of local and constitutional ones, which is considered a call for abandoning the commitment to Islamic Sharia laws and the scholars Sharia analyses and explanations.

The FH commented on the UNSMIL’s notes regarding article (16) from the constitution saying that the condition of advancing international conventions signed by Libya over the local Libyan legislations is “positive”.

“We prefer that the international conventions and laws go hand in hand with the Libyan constitution instead of giving the constitution an upper hand over the international laws.” The UNSMIL notes read.

The FH was so surprised that the UNSMIL totally ignored the fact that the Libyan people are Muslims, as they demanded to diminish the supremacy of the Islamic Sharia laws in the constitution as they noted: “Article (07) from the constitution could open the door for a radical interpretation of Islamic Sharia, which would be better if revised and rephrased.”

“Calling for equality between man and woman in all life issues is very far-fetched and opposes all heavenly laws and so does the UNSMIL’s call for having woman representatives in all of the state formal institutions.” The statement reads.

“There must be a rewriting process of the paragraphs that tackle the equality between man and woman so that they become adherent to the international convention as per the international civil and political rights,” the UNSMIL noted about article (117) from the constitution.

The UNSMIL also included in its notes that the precondition of having only a Muslim Presidential candidate is a discrimination against the minorities in Libya, and called for turning the cases of press violations such as libel and slander from crimes to civil cases, which the FH statement regarded as a contradiction of Islamic Sharia.

“Demanding the inclusion of freedom of thought, belief, and religion, as well as ordering that everyone should have the right to believe in whatever beliefs they find fit and announce it in public, is totally contradictory to Islamic sharia laws and it paves the way for anyone to convert their religion.” The statement concluded.