A family of nine people died of suffocation in Tripoli

A family of nine people died of suffocation in Tripoli

November 22, 2020 - 10:36
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Written By: LibyaMohammed

A Libyan family consisting of seven children and their parents, the youngest is seven months old, suffocated to death inside their house in Al-Abyar Road in Ain Zara district, south Tripoli, the media advisor to the Ministry of Health, Amin Al-Hashemi, told The Libya Observer.

“Contact with the ‘Barion’ family has been cut off since last Tuesday”, Al-Hashemi said, adding that their decomposing bodies were found on Friday.

Al-Hashemi indicated that the forensic report showed that the family died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a portable generator due to the power outage in the region.

The family has recently returned to their house after over 12 months of displacement due to the failed aggression of warlord Haftar on south Tripoli. 

He also called on the concerned authorities of the Government of National Accord to accelerate the restoration of the areas affected by the failed aggression, as they are still suffering from the spread of war remnants, in addition to power and communications outages.